At Everest Technologies, we hae the expertise and process knowledge to manage your non-core business processes and applications offshore to help you achieve cost reductions while improving the quality of service you provide to your customers. We provide a solution for developing and automating your business processes by utilizing our offshore development facilities.

Our Offshore Model

Everest Offshore model provides software solutions by leveraging a US based team for Design, Architecture and Project Management and an Offshore Team in India for Development, Support and Quality Assurance. Both the Teams work cohesively to provide the best services to our clients. 


Our Offshore Model Provides:

  • Up to 50% in savings

  • Quick turn aroound time by leveraging expertise and resources

  • Retention of Knowlsege Base by having a dedicated offshore team

  • 24/7 capabilities


Our Offshore Office:

209 Aditya Trade Center Ammeerpet, Hyderabad India

Tel: +91 40 666689514




875 Old Roswell Road Suite, E-400, Roswell, GA 30076
T: (770) 642-8554 Ext. 101
F: (678) 461-0017